Love, Love, Love That Layered Look

To create an elegant, upscaled look in any room, layering makes all the difference.   It can make a room feel warm, inviting and complete.

Here is an example of one aspect of this concept with the use of various pillows on a sofa.

Sofa's without layering

Size and scale do matter, as well as color and choice of prints.   I used striped pattern pillows, with muted pattern pillows of a smaller size.

Though this is a great look, it can be made more full with the use of layering.

Sofa's with layering... much better right?

I incorporated a leopard print pillow and throw to the design to create the layered look.    The leopard print is more of a neutral and works well in any design, especially in this setting.

Layering can be a choice of different size objects, or the same size objects with different colors and patterns.   Just  make sure that the objects work together, without one overpowering the other.

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