Pillow Talk

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Soft, plushy, warm, inviting, relaxing, romantic, are some of the words that describe how one feels in a room that is decorated with the right elements.  I feel that pillows play an important part or role in these feelings!  Pillows are that element that makes you say, aah.   Used on a bed, sofa, chair, bench, rocker  or even a  swing, pillows add that final touch to finish the look.  Pillows allow you to change the look of your decor without a lot of expense.  You could change them with the seasons or just change them with the holidays.  Stay with a neutral pallet on your walls and furniture and let pillows cool down or warm up your room.  Combining  pillows of different sizes, colors, patterns and textures enhance the look and keep it from appearing boring.

 Though they can be a nuisance to some, pillows evoke a pleasant, enjoyable feeling to many.  They say, sit down and relax, cuddle into a pillow or two and kick up your feet.   You’re Home!  

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I'm a wife to a wonderfully talented husband, a mom of five and an interior designer. I feel that life should be filled with all that makes you happy!

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