Bows and Ribbons are not Just For Presents

Bows and ribbons are not just for presents!  Feel free to use them creatively throughout your  Christmas decor.   I love to use them at the top of my Christmas tree, instead of the traditional star or angel.  It makes the tree look  full and beautiful to have the ribbon cascade and billow down  from the bow.   Use bows and ribbons of different colors and textures together on your tree or even banister.    At the pinch point of every billow, place a flower or ornament (or even sugared fruit) for more depth and interest.  My advice….use wired ribbon!   It’s the easiest type of ribbon to create the  billows and have it stay where you need it.  Remember…keep it full and flowing!  It takes some work to get it just so, but, the look you get is worth it!   Bows can be used on anything from wreaths and mantels to light fixtures and chandeliers.   They could be tied at the saucer of the chandelier and the tails, however long, can hang down over your table. Have fun using your imagination!  

photo (6)photo (28)photo (31)photo (32)photo (36)photo (35)

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