Valentine’s Day Display

734742_10151355177733117_927384190_n  Valentine’s Day!  It’s that time of year that says LOVE!   It’s that time we stop and share our love for one another.  There are many ways we like to show our affection and or appreciation.  It can be a wonderful dinner, served on a pretty table, that says today is special.  A table display, such as this, is not just for Valentine’s Day, but any special occasion.  The use of light colors, with just a touch of  bold colors, gives a clean and crisp feel that is also elegant.  Different textures in the glassware and place settings gives the table interest. IMG_2732   Giving and getting cards, flowers or even candy is the perfect way to show how we care.  Display your gifts in a decorative way.  I took the beautiful red roses I received from my wonderful husband and placed them in a pretty pitcher, to create an elegant flower arrangement.   I arranged the delicious chocolate coated strawberries, he also gave me, on a glass domed dish (cloche).  The cards you and your family members receive can be placed in a festive dish, on a table for other to see.  Showing off your Valentines can be fun and easy!

IMG_2754IMG_2752Before Valentine’s Day, I like to set up Valentine candies in different glass apothecary jars.  It’s a pretty and colorful way to decorate for the occasion.  It sets the mood before the special day.

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