Christmas Decor

Christmas BenchDecorating for Christmas is my favorite thing to do. I love going shopping for wonderful findings to use all over my home. Each year I look for certain elements that add a special touch to my decor. I find it fun and exhilarating! Finding just the right placement of these items is even more fun.Christmas window sill 2013I found these sparkly reindeer at “Pier One”, and used them in the bay window in my kitchen. This year I had the idea to use small bird ornaments throughout my decor. Two of them are on the antlers of the reindeer. I also used them on my kitchen chandelier. It’s a cute touch, and unexpected.Christmas kitchen light 2013You can see the birds peeking out throughout the light. Their blinginess adds a fun and festive look for the holiday. I made the Christmas/Winter decor in my kitchen green and white. I love the clean look of the combination. Christmas kitchen light 2 2013Christmas kitchen table 2013My kitchen table also reflects the green and white decor. I used winter greenery and different sized lanterns, with the elements I already had on the table. Combining everything together can be tricky to do. Consider the size and shape of the items, and work from the middle out. Keep the arrangement interesting by working with a non-mirrored look.

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