Wintery Tablescapes

DSC_0015Happy Wednesday! I thought I would share a few pictures with you today. I like to keep some of the Christmas decor around for the winter season. It’s a shame to put everything away right after the holiday…so I keep a few things that don’t necessarily say Christmas. It’s my way to make the cold dark season of winter more delightful. DSC_0019 I like to decorate the center of my tables with displays representing the season we are in. My kitchen table is a combination of various sized lanterns, a dried hydrangea arrangement, my french inspired rooster and a wonderful soup tureen. I left the faux pine needle sprays on the table, along with the mini white birds I used at Christmas. I feel the look is very wintery and in line with the season.

DSC_0009In my dining room I did the same, leaving many items I used at Christmas on the table. I liked using the faux pine needle sprays and mini white birds, you see again in this room. They were a fun item I found, and helped to create a wintery feeling in both rooms. With about four weeks to go of winter, I am looking forward to changing it with Easter and spring displays!

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