Perfect Pantry

Happy Friday to all! Today, I decided to show you my pantry, along with some beautiful and fancy ones I found on Pinterest. Pantries are an interesting part of the home. If you are lucky enough to have one, you would agree with me. It’s that space you can utilize for all kinds of storage needs that aren’t hidden away in a closet. They make it easy to access to all kinds of items for the kitchen and even dining room. I like to store my crystal glasses and bowls I use in my dining room, along with boxed and can goods for the kitchen. Paper plates and cups are easily accessed, as well as coffee and tea products. The room can be very versatile and can give you more than you bargained for, as far as storage goes. I have different size cabinets for particular needs which allows me to group related items together. The double door, tall cabinet is for food products. The wall cabinets store my crystal items and the lower cabinets store coffee and tea cups, along with paper products. I use a tea table for additional storage. I find it useful for items I don’t want in the kitchen. The blue legs on the table match the cabinets so well, it seems they were meant to be together.DSC_0013 I am very thankful for my butler’s pantry! It’s versatility is priceless! It is a space that is generally found between the kitchen and dining room, in traditional style homes. DSC_0009 10.27.41 PMDSC_0030DSC_0022DSC_0028 The counter space is very handy in my pantry. I use it for my coffee machine…and set it up as a coffee/tea/hot chocolate station. This works wonderful!
Here are a few photos of some beautiful pantries I found on Pinterest. I thought you might enjoy them! bca963a2c2f4b800128b4f30211df11545666d049fad7cec773cd958f8e9a82f0021e14a58beddf7eb81068dd884c20e I do have a fondness for blue cabinets…these are beautiful!

182a29631812b4faaed9d17646904bb0 The use of fabric in these cabinets is a great way to soften the look of the room and adds more interest.

fbf0d0b5545e565d86f9bcd3c3b28cfe I love this archway pantry!  It’s a great architectural feature…it creates a niche in the design.

ff4dd2929bfd50924a995ec0711dd14e Is there such a thing as a perfect pantry? Well, I think thats up to you…My ideal pantry is one that is fully functional and pretty, of course! Thanks for visiting and have a Lovely day!


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