A Little Easter Display

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you are well and looking forward to the first day of Spring…It’s finally here tomorrow! How exciting to see our environment coming back in bloom. I always find it wonderfully amazing how everything pops out of nothing. It’s dark and dreary and then all of a sudden there’s a spark of color. The metamorphosis begins right before our eyes. I find it a natural wonder  that is so captivating! A renewal of life promised to us, especially now during Easter.  DSC_0002 I changed my table yet again…I couldn’t wait to put together an Easter cloche for my kitchen table this season! I used a nest with ivy, dried hydrangea from my garden, a small bunny and some colorful faux eggs. All of which I placed under a glass dome, on top of a cake stand. A bunny with a raffia bow sits on a few vintage books along with smaller bunnies on the opposite side to balance the vignette.  An arrangement of  soft pastel colored roses completes the design. DSC_0004 This small bunny inside the cloche is fun and unexpected sitting in the nest. Displays should be creative and whimsical. Make them entertaining for yourself and your guests.DSC_0020_01 Bunny on books I like to use balance and fullness in my decor. The two bunnies are smaller than the one on the books. The rose arrangement is just under the height of that bunny. This is done to balance the two sides of the centerpiece. It makes the vignette look more appealing. I love the way the bunnies look like they are peeking out at you. They are cute and friendly…just as a spring time display should be.
I hope you enjoyed my little Easter display today!

As Always Have a Lovely Day!



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