Pretty Planters With Pretty Petals

Hello Everyone! I hope you are well and enjoying this shortened week. We had a lovely Memorial Day here in Connecticut. The weather was very warm and a little on the humid side. It was nice to have a sunny and warm Memorial Day for a change. I have been very busy for the past few weeks cleaning gardens and setting up planters here and there around the yard. I thought I would share some of the ideas I came up with.

In the back of my house off the deck, I have had this concrete bird bath for a while. It just doesn’t hold water any more so…I converted it into a planter instead. It looks great and the plants don’t sit in water because it leaks. Perfect! I do have another bird bath that the birds like to use, in the front of the house. That one holds it’s water just fine. I try to keep my little friends happy! IMG_3651 copyDSC_0243

I filled the bird bath with pansies, petunias and ivies. I will change out the pansies when they are finished blooming with more petunias. I left the flowers in the pots they came in. I just have to make sure they are watered daily and fertilized every few weeks. This way they keep their pretty blooms!


I love fountains! Their sound is so relaxing and soothing. When this one cracked, I bought another one! I just make sure I take the new one in for the winter. That’s why this one cracked! I thought the base would be great to use as another planter… but where to put it? My wonderful husband pulled out an azalea plant that had died. I just had to do something with the empty space! It bothered me a lot! I thought I would put a gazing ball on a stand there, but that didn’t work. The cracked fountain base would work! It would look pretty filled with colorful flowers and also fill the empty space at the same time.

IMG_3654 copy

I filled it with pansies and ivies for now, but I will change the pansies with impatiens when the plant is done blooming. The spot it sits is in the shade and needs shade loving plants to work. I feel “Devine” impatiens is the best choice. They get very full and display beautiful color, more so than the regular impatiens.


I filled my mail box planter with impatiens and ivy as well. This area gets a lot of shade too. I found this cute bird house on sale at Jo-ann’s fabric and craft store. I thought it would add a special touch that was unexpected to my mailbox planter.


I hope you enjoyed some of my planter touches and ideas today. Making your space lovely is not hard to do. Just use what you love and let your imagination take over!



  1. I was doing planters last evening….a few begonias, ivy, lantana, zinnias in a horse trough, and a hydrangea that I have no hope of it living :^(. Texas is just toooooo hot!!
    Your planters/gardens/yard are so beautiful. When I think of Connecticut in the summer time, I just naturally see GREEN and lush and lots of wild daisies. Maybe some summer I will get back to visit.
    Thank you for a specially beautiful post!

  2. Thanks J! Your horse trough sounds lovely with your choices of flowers. We are very green and lush indeed! The weather is a little cooler than we want but it is still lovely especially when the sun is out. You should come back to visit.
    Blessings to You too,

  3. All the planters are pretty love the mailbox. I wish I could decorate the mailbox more but our subdivision says we all must have same one. Cest la vie.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous – I might just have to do this! I do appreicate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  5. Wow, they all look amazing! Your garden is absolutely stunning.

    Thanks for sharing this at the Say G’Day Saturday linky Party. I’ve pinned your post!

    Best wishes and hope to see again for this weekend’s link up.
    Natasha in Oz

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