A Look Around the Yard

Happy Wednesday! I hope your first week of June is going well. I love June! It’s my favorite month! The days are warm and the nights are cool. I thought I would share some of gardens and areas around my yard today! As you can see everything is growing just fine. The petunias I planted a few weeks ago are filling out nicely as to the roses that are ready to bloom at any time. I can’t wait! I showed this garden two posts ago. That photo was from last year, but the one you see today is current. Soon it will be a colorful display of light pink and dark pink mini Roses, bright yellow Stella D’ora Daylilies, purple, pink, and white Phlox, yellow Correopsis along with the Petunias. DSC_0302
I love late spring here in the North East! The early summer flowers are starting to bloom along with late spring flowers to make a spectacular show of colors. This is a photo of my Bleeding Heart bush. It gets fuller and fuller every year! I have a Hosta plant ready to take over once this beauty has finished it’s time. I needed a good size plant to fill in the spot, and a Hosta does the trick! Don’t be afraid to plant under existing plants. Once they have done their time, just clear away their debris to give the new plant underneath plenty of room to grow.
I love the look of my old-fashioned bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabillis) which still has an abundance of blooms on it. The flowers are so dainty and elegant. I always marvel at the shape of the blooms and how they truely mimic their name. Small tiny hearts that seem to be bleeding. I like to think of them as hearts with tiny crystals dangling from them. This shot looks like they are lined up ready to dance. It’s a very sweet plant! It’s heart-shaped pendulums remind us of compassion and love.DSC_0294

I hung a few more of those small bird houses I found at Jo-ann’s fabric and craft store. I like the way they fit on the light polls in my yard. They are the same ones that I hung on my mailbox in my “Pretty Planters with Pretty Petals” post. I like to use a few of the same design elements around the yard to keep the look uniform. Your guest will like finding them unexpectedly, and they will think you are so clever putting these accents in unexpected places.


These adirondack chairs are all lined up and ready to use for parties or night time around the fire pit.

This is our small vegetable and herb garden planted by my wonderful husband. He likes caring for it and then picking from it’s tasty benefits! Nothing like a fresh tomato and cucumber salad mixed with fresh herbs. Yum! It doesn’t look like much now, but soon it will be very full and bountiful!


Thanks for stopping by this lovely day!



  1. Very pretty garden! I live in the northeast also and things are finally blooming. I am anxiously waiting for my Orange Blossom tree to bloom. It is the one thing I look forward to in June. My bleeding heart is growing and growing too!

  2. Hi AnnMarie! We have been waiting haven’t we! I just love the vibrant colors of everything this year. It’s so exciting to see after a long and snowy winter.
    Thank you for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog!

  3. Your yard and gardens are lovely. I’d love to spend my summer evenings out there in those Adirondack chairs around the fire pit!

    1. Hi Luisa! I think the cold and very snowy winter gave us this beautifully lush spring! This contrast between the seasons is wonderful! Thank you for your lovely comment and for viewing my post!
      LuAnn 😉

  4. What a beautiful garden – so lush and full! You’ll be picking those veggies before you know it. I would love to pull up a chair and join you!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I would love to have you over! Yes, everything is very lush and green with all the rain and cool temperatures we are having here in CT! Thanks for viewing my post and for the lovely comment!
      LuAnn 😉

  5. Absolutely charming garden, LuAnn! LOVE the vegetable garden layout – looks wonderful – I need to incorporate vegies in my flowers – the only place there’s a bit of enough sun! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  6. I too find gardening to be a great joy and the beauty for all to see. One never knows what Mother Nature has in store. Your gardens look well planned and planted. They are lovely.

  7. You have a beautiful yard and gardens. Love your little angels too. Thank you for sharing at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great week!


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