Dining Room Do-Over 4th Day

Hello Everyone! Another day with the dining room do-over. It’s day 4 and things are moving along just fine. Today Nicole taped the walls for the stripes. It took some planning and math to figure out the layout of the stripes. Nicole started with the doorway to the foyer as a focal point and then preceded to move around the room from there. It looks like it could be the design of the room, but it’s not. It’s only painter’s tape! My son Joey thinks it look fabulous the way it is. Not quite!


Nicole used this small tool to layout the stripes. It’s a self leveling laser level and what a time saver! She sets the level and then tapes along the laser light for a perfect line!
This is the doorway to the foyer and where Nicole started to layout the stripes with tape. She started painting the stripes on the walls with a glaze and then pulled off the tape as she went along. I wanted a soft marble like look for the stripes. The color has beige, peach and slight gold tones to it. Here is what the stripes will look like. Nicole needs to finish a lot more of the room, but that’s tomorrow. It’s a lot of work for one person, but she is doing just fine. I think it’s looking great! Maybe she can get her sister to help her.

Stop by tomorrow for another look! She should finish the stripes and one coat of the oil on the rest of the trim and lower walls.
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