Dining Room Do-Over 5th Day

Hi Everyone! The stripes were finished today! I love the way they came out! It was a long day for Nicole and her sister, but they pulled it over wonderfully. Yep, her sister came to her aid today. They made a great team!

More of the trim was painted it’s first coat…The crown molding, base board and lower walls were painted, to be exact.

I’m happy that the weather has been better these past few days. We had a lot of rain and humidity the beginning of the week, which is not a friend to oil paint, even if there is air conditioning. Now that the humidity is better the paint is drying nicely!


Nicole will be back on Monday to first coat the windows and chair railing. I think she might be done on Wednesday. We’ll have to see. I then could finish the room and show my reveal on Thursday or Friday. I can’t wait!

Visit me on Monday to see more of the project done!
Have a lovely weekend!
LuAnn 😉

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