Pumpkins Peonies and Roses

DSC_0002Pumpkins Peonies and Roses

Isn’t it hard to believe in a few days it will be November?  Where did the year go?   It still feels like summer with all the warm and humid weather we’ve been having here lately in CT.  Though, it is starting to change with colder nights and chillier days.  We just haven’t had a frost yet.  I think that’s going to change soon.

I’m sharing the design I created on my mantel with you today.  I posted on this in August as a summer display and now I’m sharing it again with a few changes for my Autumn display.

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses

I stacked a green pumpkin with two white ones directly in the middle of the mantel.  I draped crystals I had left over from an older project on them along with some wispy greenery to create a soft and pretty look.

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses

Here is the look of the mantel from my August post.

Lovely Peonies and Roses

Lovely Peonies and Roses

I took out the light peach colored roses and peonies I had used during the summer and left the darker peach colored ones,  perfect for Autumn.  Small white pumpkins are scattered along the garland and blend nicely with the peonies.

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.

I did the same with the lantern so it would match the look of the mantel.

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.

I’m happy with the elegant appearance of my Autumn mantel design.  I wanted a softer side of Autumn for my living room this year.

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.

My Grandson enjoys the room also when I rock him to sleep for his afternoon nap.  He likes me to turn on the candles in the fireplace and lantern with the remote.   It’s  a special thing we do.   I can’t wait to decorate the room for Christmas to enjoy even more.  That will be in just a few weeks!

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.With just a few changes to a design you can create a different seasonal look without taking the entire thing down.  I like that, especially now with my busy Grandma schedule.

Pumpkins Peonies and Roses.

I hope you enjoyed my “Pumpkins Peonies and Roses” post!
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  1. Another lovely mantle, LuAnn! You always come up with such pretty ideas, and I’ve so enjoyed them all. Love that we can now have safe candles that we can use any time we wish without fear of burning down the house or burning little fingers. We’re in OK visiting our precious grandchildren this week. It saddens us that we miss so much of their growing up years. A belated, but heartfelt “Happy Birthday”. Hope it was a great one.

    1. Thank you Bobbi! These candles are great! I use them all over the house. They go on and off without any thought of them…Love that about them! We almost had bad fires here from lit candles…good thing my husband was home when they happened.
      It must be very hard not seeing your grandchildren as much as you would like. I can’t imagine! I’m so thankful my daughter lives near us and I get to see my Grandson almost everyday! I don’t know what will happen with my sons…they might get married and move away someday, but for now they too live nearby, or will live nearby and are still single. In a few weeks we will be down to one at home…he’s only 15. Two of my boys bought a house together and are in the process of fixing it up before they move in it.
      Thank you for the birthday wish! I had a lovely day yesterday. I spent it with my husband, all my children, grandson and my mother. We went to a wonderful restaurant we like to go to. It was very special!

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