My Autumn Home

Today, I would like to share my Autumn Home with you. I’m showing you the designs I created around the house before I change them for Christmas. I like to decorate my home for Christmas the Friday right after Thanksgiving. We celebrate Thanksgiving here at our house and feel waiting to decorate until after this holiday is best.

I’ve been collecting various velvet pumpkins for the past few years. These popular pumpkins are easy to decorate with and are a wonderful way to create very pretty pumpkin displays.

The velvet pumpkins can be purchased in various sizes and colors which makes it easy to complement or contrast your decor in your home. Depending on their size you can arrange them anywhere around the home.

I wanted to share my Autumn decor with you for awhile, but with taking care of my two beautiful grandsons during the week, my days are a bit busy. I thought, why not share right now, with Thanksgiving on Thursday, it would be a perfect time to show you some of the areas of the house, especially the dining room.
In the family room, I put together this Autumn terrarium with pumpkins and eucalyptus. This display is in a wood terrarium I purchased years ago. I’ve used this piece for many designs over the years. You can look up terrarium in my search bar to view some of them.
In the living room or fireplace room as you can see, there’s another velvet pumpkin display. I’ve softened up the design with cream and light pink colored dahlias. Dried eucalyptus fills out the arrangement beautifully.
A small autumn arrangement sits in the kitchen. Velvet pumpkins were arranged on a footed square cake plate. I placed dried eucalyptus and white hydrangeas around the pumpkins to fill out the design.
The centerpiece on the dining room table echos the same look as around the house with the use of more velvet pumpkins. I just love the pretty softness you get from these pumpkins. They are easily placed anywhere and are wonderful in creating lovely arrangements.
The dining room table centerpiece makes a perfectly pretty Thanksgiving table. The various types of eucalyptus, rose hips and greenery fills in the arrangement and creates a natural looking runner down the table.
Soft and pretty is the way to go for me lately. I enjoy a light filled room that has a cozy feel to it. It’s nice to be in a bright home, especially now that it gets so dark outside very early.
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  1. I’m with you LuAnn. I keep all of my harvest decorations and cornstalks on the lamp post until the day after Thanksgiving. So rather than Black Friday shopping I will be starting my Christmas decorating. So glad to see your post. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! Enjoy those grand babies.

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