Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

We have a Dogwood tree that sits right off our back porch/deck that I had hung three bird feeders off of a few years ago.  They were crown shaped feeders with birds perched on them.  The birds loved them and so did the squirrels and chipmunks. After much use they became worn and eventually broke. I needed to replace them…I couldn’t keep the birds hanging on the trees looking for their beloved feeders.  I had to look for replacements.  The crowns were no longer available, so I searched for something else.  I wanted something different and decorative.

Lovely Bird Feeders

I found it!  Lovely umbrella bird feeders that had larger feeding trays then the crown shaped feeders.  I decided on buying two of them.

Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

The umbrella shaped feeders looked perfect hanging on the tree.  The only thing was the birds had to acclimate to the size of the opening under the umbrella.  It’s a little tight, but they adjusted rather quickly and so did the squirrels.  I thought the size would be difficult for the squirrels to maneuver and would keep them out, but it wasn’t.  The squirrels are much to clever.

Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

These feeders are great! The umbrella keeps the seeds dry during rain storms.  No more wet and soggy seeds or shells to clean out.  There are drain holes on the bottom of the trays just incase the seeds happen to get wet.
Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

I love how pretty they look! I have a bird bath next to the feeders.  I like to give the birds a water source close to where I’m feeding them.  It’s important to supply fresh water for them especially during very hot days.
Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

The birds love the new feeders.  I see these two birds everyday happily feeding on the delicious seed I provide them.  Well, I think it delicious…It’s a berry and nut blend I find at the grocery store that attracts a lot of different birds.  
Lovely Umbrella Bird Feeders

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