A Few Summer Scenarios

Happy weekend everyone! It’s hard to believe that summer is already less than a week away! I was busy today setting up a few Summer scenarios that I would love to share with you! I like to change my kitchen table displays with the change of the seasons. I wanted to create a summer display for my table that really captured the feel of the season, but in a small way. I started with a terrarium I purchased a few years ago at Pottery Barn. It was the main element of my design.


I thought to use elements that symbolized summer, like gardens, birds, and plants in the terrarium. I ended up finding most of the items on sale at Jo-anne fabric and craft store. I filled the inside of the terrarium with these items. I just needed to place the larger items to the back of the terrarium and the smaller ones to the front.


It was important to keep the design simple. Even though the size and scale of the items are different, I wanted a cohesive look that felt Summery. As you can see, everything blends in together and creates a fullness that is pleasing to look at.


I used a candle to fill the space on top of the little bench. It also softened the look of the vignette with a glow of candle light.


In my family room, I change the vignette on my coffee table to reflect the season of Summer as well. All the items used were from around the my house, except the cute star shaped bird house. (I found it on a shopping trip a week ago.)


I kept this vignette simple on a white washed tray. I love to use birds in my displays, as I feel they add a natural and fun look to any design. I think these birds worked together very well. It looks like the bird on top of the books is saying, “Hello!” to the ones on the branch!


Thanks for viewing my “A Few Summer Scenarios” today!
Have a Lovely weekend,