Living Room Vignettes

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. Last week I shared some of the vignettes I created in my family room and today I thought I would share the ones done in my living room. I love peacocks! They are such elegant and colorful birds. The one you see in this display I have had a long time. It looks perfect in the tray I set up on the coffee table.
DSC_0162 I found three vintage looking bird cages at a local store and placed them in back of the peacock. The rest of the design was balanced with a fleur-de-lis arrangement set upon a book for a little more height. DSC_0162


The vignette on my piano is a mixture of items that I have used before in this room and just reorganized in another way. I try to make my designs feel story like. I place related items together in a way that is pleasing to the eyes, while keeping in mind spatial relations and proportion. I used another peacock on the piano to keep with the peacock relationship in the room. The timed faux candles are used for height and a warm glow, beautiful at night. The crown placed on it’s side evokes a sense of wonder and fills the space. The picture and the urn do the same. An arrangement of dried hydrangeas from my garden on top of the piano gives it more interest. A piano is a large piece of furniture to decorate and can take quite a few items without looking over done.A



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