Creating Coziness, Casually, with Flameless Candles

Candles are one of the best ways to evoke a warm, cozy atmosphere.  It can be an easy and inexpensive design element, depending on your choices of candles.  You can tuck them into any space or corner, wherever you want a little decorative detail.  It can be a space that you don’t know what to do with or what element of design that would be best to use.

I like to use  flameless candles, because you can use them anywhere in your home, without the worry of a fire.  They could be placed anywhere you want a little touch of flickering light, where conventional candles can not go!  I prefer candles with timers that go on automatically everyday, at the same time, depending on what time of day you initially turned them on.  Some varieties offer a 4 hour timer and others are  5 hour.  I also use remote flameless candles in rooms that are not used often.  I turn them on when I’m in the room and then off again when I leave.  Remote candles are also great for bedrooms!  They create a soft, romantic atmosphere or can be used to see in a dark room without waking up your spouse!

I also use flameless candles up high on cabinets, rafters and shelves or down low, in a bird cage, bookcase or lanterns.  They can go on counters and ledges, window sills and tables.  Put them under glass globes or cloches.  You can’t do that with a real candle!  Using them outside in lanterns, creates a warm hello near the front door or a dreamy feeling near a pool, hot tub or outside room.  (Make sure you use flameless candles made for outside!)  Christmas and winter is a perfect time to use flameless, timed, candles outside!  No need to go outside to turn them on.  They go on and off on their own, no matter the weather or temperature!   And, the look of the flickering candle in the snow is magical!

I do use real candles on the dinning table or buffet for an inviting feeling.  I feel flameless candles are easy to use and a safer choice for around the home.  Most house fires are started by candles.  Please make sure to never leave real candles unattended!  (Trust me on this one!)

I dress up wax flameless candles with candle art (pins) found on line.  They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  Some have crystals for sparkle and shine (bling).  They are usually used on real wax candles, but I found they work on the wax flameless, too.   Just be careful where you put the pin in the candle!  Heat up the pin portion of the piece with a lighter.  It will help to insert it easier into the wax without it cracking!  Candle art is a simple way to make the candles look more expensive and decorative!

I think I have created a warm, cozy, inviting home with the use of flameless candles!   When it gets dark, they go on here and there automatically, flickering a soft glowing light, that feels peaceful and inviting and (almost) enchanting!

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