Dining Room Do-Over 6th Day

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was lovely. Mine was nice and quiet! No work was done over the weekend, but Nicole was back at it again first thing this morning. She worked on the trims around the windows, doors and also the chair railing.

All of the blue is now one coated and you can see the transformation more clearly. It does take quite a few coats of a lighter color to cover darker ones. We thought two coats of the Benjamin Moore’s Bone White oil paint would do it, but now it looks like it might need a third coat. We’ll have to see after tomorrow’s second coat.


DSC_0043 copy


The stripes came out a little darker than I wanted. My painter (Nicole) is going to lighten them up on Wednesday. She will use a glaze mixed with the bone white acrylic paint. I want her to apply this glaze to the bone white stripes as well. This will soften them and make the walls easier to keep clean. While serving meals in the dining room things sometimes get splashed. The piece I use as a sideboard is close to the wall and splashes are inevitable.

Thank you for the visit today! Tomorrow the room will look about the same, so I will post again on Wednesday. Please stop by to see the lightened up stripes!

LuAnn 😉