A Relaxing Hot Tub

Hello Everyone! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend. It was a very lovely one here in the North East! I thought I would share my hot tub escape with you. We don’t have a pool, it’s too much work and money here in the North East for such a short season! It’s only three months to be exact! The better choice was a hot tub that we could use all year long. Winter is the best time to go in the tub, when the snow is deep, the air is fresh and clean, and the hot soaking water is most inviting. Now that the weather is warmer, we still use the tub, but not just for the soaking. Our tub is set into a gazebo that we had built about 10 years ago. The only time we would go into the gazebo was to use the hot tub. So, I thought to put cushions and pillows on top of the cover. This would make it an inviting and relaxing spot to use all year long! The only important thing was to make sure the tub cover was a heavy duty style that could support weight!


It’s a lovely outdoor space to enjoy a book, watch a video or just take an afternoon nap. The gazebo gets more use now than ever before! It’s a comfy and cozy spot we all like to use!



When we want to use the hot tub we just take off a few pillows, flip up the cushions and open up the cover. The cover has a lifter that stands the cover open on one end of the tub, with the cushions and remaining pillows sandwiched between the two cover panels.


My husband and I used the hot tub one warm and rainy evening. After we were done soaking, we closed the cover, fixed the cushions and pillows (quick fix) and laid down with our towels. It was so relaxing listening to the pouring rain. The rain produced a gentle breeze in the warm evening air that just felt wonderful! The hot tub was not only relaxing while in it, but on it! It’s an outdoor bed that is easy to maintain.


A few accents help to dress up the area and make it look like a private summer escape. The cushions, pillows and accent (figurines and lanterns) should be rated for outdoor use. The area, even though it is covered, can still get wet from driving rain storms.


I think flowers make everything Lovely! So why not use them where ever you could! These petunias are just the thing to perk up this outdoor space.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my gazebo today with the relaxing hot tub! It is definitely our private escape that we can soak in right outside our back door!

Wishing you a relaxing week,