Lovely Roses

Good Day Everyone! Roses are the most beautiful flower! Well, I think so! They are my favorite! I would love to share the various Rose gardens that are in my yard. DSC_0002 copy

Right off the deck are these beautifully full pink Roses. My husband planted them for me last year and they are filling in nicely. I love the full petals of this variety. (Please excuse my lack of knowledge of the names or types of Roses that I have.) These Roses are very fragrant and are a perfect choice to have right off the deck. It is wonderful to be sitting on the deck with the aroma of sweet Roses filling the air!

DSC_0020 copy
I love how the Roses are climbing up to the railing. I can’t wait for them to fill in more of the railing space on the deck. How beautiful that would be!

Off the driveway is an arbor that these red Roses are climbing on. It makes a beautiful entrance into the back yard. The color of this variety is stunning! They will bloom again in September for another lovely display.


In the back yard is a display of mini Roses that were planted many years ago. They have grown to be chock-full of blooms. I love how they keep blooming all summer long!




The blend of light and dark pinks create a very pleasant garden.DSC_0164

The yellow Stella D’oro Lilies blend in with the Roses fabulously! The contrast creates a pop of color that is spectacular!

The front of the house has another display of mini roses along with Stella D’oro Lilies, Phlox, Hosta, Petunias and Coreopsis. I like the way this garden came together with the various colors and shades of the other flowers. The brilliant color display is a must for great curb appeal!

I hope you enjoyed the Lovely Rose garden tour today!
Have a Lovely Day,
LuAnn 😉