Remembering Summer

IMG_3651 copy Good Day Everyone! Hope your week is going well! It’s very cold again here in New England, after a short warm spell. All this cold weather and snow is making me dream of my summer gardens. I thought I would share some pictures of them with you. I had a spectacular showing of my petunias and phlox…they were very full and beautiful! Can you tell my favorite color is pink? IMG_3654 copy I moved my fountain to the front of my home last summer. It made a wonderful accent piece near the front door and was very welcoming for my guests. I hated putting it away for the winter…but soon enough it will be out again for everyone to enjoy! IMG_3656 copy I love tucking in statues under bushes, here and there, around the house. Just like accessorizing the inside of your home makes it feel warm and inviting, so does accessorizing the outside. The details to the little things makes you feel good…and makes you smile! IMG_3647 2 The roses in the back garden are pink and beautiful! They are a strong feature in front of the vegetable garden that my husband loves to tend. The small garden trellises help to hold back the roses off the garden path. They almost look like a small gateway into the garden. I find that using items to make your gardens functional also makes them very interesting. It’s playing for adults! I can’t wait to play around with my gardens again real soon!

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