Don’t get mental over your mantle!

Mantles can be one of the hardest aspects of your house to decorate. Balance is key to keeping the mantle visually pleasing.

Balance is Key to your mantle

My mantle design is visually pleasing, because I evenly balanced two wall sconces with two small, framed, pieces of art of the same scale and size.  My focus on the middle of the mantle, not balanced in itself, becomes a unison element and is an intricate part of the design.

Odd numbers in design are the “magical” numbers that create visual balance and harmony.  Items in groups of one, three and five seem to work best, and if done right can create symmetry. Symmetry is the essence of balance, but doesn’t necessarily revolve around even numbers. I used this rule in the design. Notice that I put together three pedestals with five candles, three ivory hydrangeas with one green hydrangea and also three bunches of ivy. The outcome is a design that is visually pleasing.

Be aware when using colors in design, as colors do play a role in creating balance. The use of odd numbers can apply to color as well. I chose to use five colors, these being green tones, gold tones and black tones, along with ivory and trace amounts of blue. I find that if you use a color at least three times in a design, it helps to create the balance you are looking for. Notice, for example, that I use green three times as follows; in the ivy, hydrangea and feathers. I use ivory three times in the candles, hydrangea and art work. The colors don’t have to be exactly the same, only their tones.