Soft Christmas Living Room

Sometimes you want to soften things up and that’s just what I’ve done with my Christmas decor this year.  I chose to use pretty pinks, tans, gold, silver and white Christmas ornaments. I was hoping for a subdued look that … Continue reading

A Lovely Livings Christmas Tree

Hello everyone!  Today, I’m sharing my Christmas tree with you.  This year I dressed it with pretty neutrals for a soft and elegant look.  I decorated the tree with various glass ornaments along with bunches of faux hydrangeas.  I love how the hydrangeas fill … Continue reading

Flowering Christmas Tree

I created what I call, a “Flowering Christmas Tree” this year. I decided to use elements of nature to decorate my tree. I wanted it to be simply charming without a lot of traditional ornaments. I placed Roses, Hydrangeas, Magnolias, … Continue reading

Trees to Trim

Make your tree the best it can be!   I feel more is better, when decorating your Christmas tree.  Fill it from top to bottom with items you love.   Let your tree say,” I love this time of year! ”   It’s that magical time when you can use all the glitter and gold you want.   Bling it up!   You’re allowed to.   The Christmas tree police won’t come to your home!   Filling the tree  is easy to do.    Use large ornaments and silk flowers  to fill  the spaces first, then add smaller ornaments in between.   Keep in mind the shape, color and size of the items you use.   Be sure to spread them out to keep the design from being monotonous.   Use decorative picks to fill in spots where the tree branches are bare.   They add a layer of interest as well.   There are all sorts of  picks you can choose from like,  pine and fir branches  flocked with snow, winter greens and berries, sprays of many festive colorsfeathers, pine cones and curly ribbon.   You can find tinsel or curly cue picks in silver, bronze or gold.   Finish the tree using a large bow with tails.   Contrasting ribbon that cascades down from the bow to the bottom of the tree adds a touch of opulence and fullness.   Warm tones of burgundy, gold, bronze and soft ivory,  help to create  that opulent look too.   Let the tree sparkle with the holiday.   Let it say, Christmas time is here!”