All Decked Out

Hello Everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately! I’ve been very busy with personal things and haven’t been able to, but now I’m back with more ideas and things to share!
I would like to share my deck design with you in this newest post. We purchased this outdoor bar and stools a few years ago. It’s one of the best outdoor pieces of furniture we ever bought! Yes, it’s great for company, but we love having breakfast, lunch or just afternoon drinks on it. It’s so nice to sit at the bar, relax with a strawberry daiquiri or a glass of wine at the end of a busy day! DSC_0308

The bar is very versatile! The kids use the bar to do their homework or computer work. My husband does work from his office at it, while I work on posts, draw up ideas or just sit and daydream. Everyone congregates around the bar whenever we’re out side. The height of the bar allows you to see right out to the back yard.DSC_0315

I have this small hanging planter I found at a garden center last year. It’s near the back kitchen door and perfect for these Devine Impatiens! There is plenty of shade under the over hang of the porch for them. The area needed some color and these worked just right.

Next to the bar we have our porch swing. That’s the second best outdoor piece of furniture! It’s another great place to relax and take in the back yard. You could just swing the day away.

I think porch swings make a deck or porch feel very inviting and welcoming!DSC_0291

These concrete baskets are holding pink Petunias. Can you tell that pink flowers are my favorite? I have them near the two columns right in front of my back door. I love to use potted flowers on my deck. They help to create an inviting and peaceful feeling.

On the other side of the deck is a serving cart that I use during parties. I thought it would look nice dressed up with a few accessories.

The angel seen here, was used a few posts ago. She is holding a Rose from the garden right off the deck. DSC_0163

The small tea set was cute for the display. The small tea pot looks just right with the mini Roses I picked from the garden in the back of the yard. DSC_0334

I fell in love with this metal wall art fountain when I first saw it. I knew right away where I would use it! The piece filled the wall space over the cart nicely. I decorated it with some hanging crystals. They sparkle when the sun hits them at the end of the day. The crystals look like water droplets from the flowing fountain.

The etagere near the cart holds Divine Impatiens and trailing Ivy. It’s another piece that fits in nicely. It gives the area some color and interest. The bunny holding the lantern adds a little more charm to the design.

Thanks for visiting today!

LuAnn 😉