Dining Room Do-Over 2nd Day

Hello Everyone! Today was a day of prep and prime work in the dining room. My painter (Nicole) calked, patched and primed for tomorrow’s two coats of paint on the upper walls.

She started to prep coat the bottom walls with Benjamin Moore’s (Satin Impervo) Oil paint in Bone White. I love to use oil paints on interior trims and doors for a beautiful and strong finish. I think oil paint coats nicer and gives a rich look to whatever you paint. You still can get nicks and scuffs, but they can be easily removed with a “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser”. Keep in mind that oil paint takes at least a day or so to dry and not be sticky, but this depends on the weather, too. (Warning: If you touch it within hours after it was done, you will get paint on you!) Just keep your kids and pets away for a day or two. I think it is well worth the inconvenience to get the rich, yet tough finish it creates.
DSC_0022 copy

You can see areas that are marked with blue tape. These are spots she marked where she still needs to sand, patch and prep. Some of the blue trim was test coated with a prep coat of the oil paint to see how well it will cover. You can see the lower walls and door have been test coated.

Join me tomorrow for day 3 and lets see how far we get!

LuAnn 😉