Dining Room Do-Over

Happy Monday! Today was an exciting day for me. I’m re-doing my dining room! Yep, my wonderful painter (Nicole) was here this morning, ready to help me transform this room. I have had it like this for the past 12 years. (Now, that’s a long time for us designers!) “Change is a good thing…Change is our friend!” My new Motto! I told my family that they need to, “embrace the change!”.


The wallpaper is coming down! My son Mike kidded with Nicole, “It looks great, just the look we want, you’re done!” Lol!

Nicole used fabric softener in hot water to help the wallpaper release from the walls. You need to peel the paper off first (the paper backing will most likely be left on the walls), then wet the walls down with the mixture. This will release the paper backing off the walls. It works great and it smells fresh too! (If you can’t peel the paper off, try to steam it first.)


The wall paper is now all gone! Took the day to do the job. Tomorrow she will prime the walls and start to paint the top half of the room. (I’ll tell you a secret, the top half will be painted bone white and golden/beige color stripes about 4-1/2″ wide.)




Just a little hint, all the blue will be changed to Bone White. This will match the paint in both the foyer and kitchen. The lower half of the walls will also be painted bone white to give the appearance of wainscoting.
Stop in tomorrow to see how far we got!

Thanks for the visit!