Fall in Small Spaces

A Fall Terrarium

Ok, some of you might think that I’m obsessed with my terrarium! Well, you are absolutely right. I am! I’m so happy I found it many years back and I love to decorate it for the season. The terrarium sits perfectly on my coffee table in my family room, at least for now. I have used it in many places around my home, but found this place to be the best for the past year or so.
A Fall Terrarium

I decorated it last year with pumpkins and bright sunflowers, but this year I changed it a bit. I wanted a garden look inside. It is for plants, so why not a garden theme? A Fall display set in a garden in a small space.
A Fall Terrarium

I used small scaled terra cotta pots and scattered them about in the terrarium. Some stacked and others fallen down. I placed bird nests on top of some of them and small sized pumpkin in the nests. In other pots I placed decorative cabbage flowers and nestled pumpkins around them to create a lovely fall vignette.
A Fall Terrarium

I added some whimsey to my Fall design and placed these adorable birds on top of the pumpkins that are seated in the nests. I wanted it to look as though the birds lost their nest to a pumpkin and had to settle perching on it instead.
A Fall Terrarium

Fall displays can be whimsical and fun especially if you have small children around. I have always enjoyed setting up vignettes that tell a story of some sort.
Your Fall displays can do just that with a little imagine and some props that aren’t necessarily for Fall. The birds I used are Christmas ornaments. I will use them again right from here to my Christmas tree, in about a month and a half from now.
A Fall Terrarium

I would like to note that my Fall idea doesn’t need to be in a terrarium. It can be created in a book case or closed glass door cabinet. The display can sit on a particular shelf or on all of the shelves. You don’t have to be limited to where you set up your design. You can create these ideas anywhere, like in your children’s or grandchildren’s rooms and let them enjoy and appreciate the season for themselves. You shouldn’t be limited to only one area of your home. Let your ideas flourish throughout.
A Fall Terrarium

I hope you enjoyed my “Fall in Small Spaces” post!
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