EGG-citing Ideas for an EGG-celent EASTER!

Easter is just a week away!  

Here are some easy-to-do Easter decorating touches!!!

* Place small size decorative eggs (store bought or your own colored eggs) on top of a centerpiece.  I’ve done just that with an ivy centerpiece.   It makes a simple statement without being over done. dsc_0044

* Filling lanterns with decorative eggs around flameless candles, creates a warm, inviting feeling.  The candle glow at night adds to the warm look of the colored eggs.  Helpful Hint: Propping an Easter Bunny in front of the lanterns makes the display interesting.  dsc_0071

* Bunny figurines, in small vignettes, are a charming way to fill your home with holiday excitement.  They can be placed anywhere!  On top of a side table, side board or even dining table will work, too.  Keep in mind that what ever you do (figurines, flowers or Easter eggs), placing them together in small groups or vignettes, helps to create the best interest.dsc_0119 copyc430db41aa332a1e4f01cfba626d255f copy

Holiday decorating can be fun!
Keeping it simple in small groups is the best way for the largest impact.