Cloched Creche

Christmas creche 2013There are so many different variations of the Christmas Creche. It’s hard to find just the right one to use. This year I did! I actually found TWO of them. They are both from a company called “Willow”. They’re beautifully crafted faceless statues. I placed them under different sized cloches to emphasize their importance. I like the way they fit into a design under a glass globe. You can tuck them into a corner, on a table or a stand, anywhere in your home.Christmas creche 2 2013 This cloched creche is placed on a table stand near my front door. I used mini LED lights inside the cloche to add drama to the over all look. When the foyer is dark, the little lights glow inside the globe. I love the way it lights up the creche.Christmas Cloched Creche