Hydrangea Heaven

I Love,Love,Love Hydrangeas! They are easy going flowers that are just beautiful!Hydrangea garden Hydrangeas are simple to care for and easy to fix in floral arrangements. They are great alone, in a simple urn or vase. They could be mixed with roses in a pretty pitcher for a more spectacular arrangement. What ever the occasion hydrangeas can fit right in. They could look formal or casual. Hydrangeas are airy, light and add fullness to arrangements. hydrangea 7hydrangea 3hydrangea 8hydrangea 9Hydrangeas grow in a variety of colors, depending on the soil content. Acidic soil will produce pink flowers and less acidic soil will give you blue or green flowers. In between will give you purple flowers. Sometimes you will find green/pink, blue/purple or blue/green flowers on the same plant or stem. Using multi-colored stems will make arrangements more interesting.hydrangea 6 Drying hydrangeas is easy to do as long as you have an open, dry spot to place them. I find my kitchen table is the best place. I wash the stems after cutting them off the plant and place them in a pitcher full of tap water. That’s it! I leave them alone for about a week or so. No need to fill the container with water again, only once in the beginning! After a few days, you will notice some of the flowers on the stems are dried out, paper like, while others are still soft. That’s ok. Give the hydrangeas more time and they should be entirely dried out after a week. The trick is to give them plenty of air and a dry place. Having your air conditioning on helps. The stems you pick should be full of flowers and strong. You want the flowers to dry while they are full and not shriveled up. This will give you the best dried hydrangeas for arrangements. You shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between live hydrangeas and dried ones. As long as they keep their shape, color and size while they dry, hydrangeas last for years! They may fade over time but that’s their charm! Hydrangeas dryed