A Lovely Livings Home Office

Hello everyone! I hope your weekend was wonderfully lovely! It was a beautiful weekend here in Connecticut! We had crisp bright sunny days and cool starry nights. Just Perfect! In this post, I want to share my home office. It was suppose to be a walk-in pantry, but when my husband and I built the house, we decided to make it a toy room for our then two children. Four children later, we moved the toys to the attic and changed it to my home office. We added wood file and drawer cabinets, matching custom shelves and a coat rack to the room. Then, we fitted it with wall to wall counters. It’s small, but the layout works great as an office! The room is very convenient, being right off the kitchen.

I like having my design books right at my disposal, along with other important journals and magazines. Whenever I need design ideas or some inspiration, they are right there!DSC_0156

The ribbon memo board, seen here on the left was put into an antique gold frame. I wanted it to appear larger in size and look more expensive than it did. Framing the board created that look. DSC_0172

The angel wings and birdcage memo holder are the newest additions to my office.DSC_0192

The “Sandra Kuck” limited addition print was moved here from a bedroom. Isn’t it adorable! It’s one of my favorite of hers! (I love the kitten playing with the ballet slipper ribbon ties.)


I had a regular cork board I bought at Staples put into an antique gold frame. (The same as the ribbon memo board.) It’s where I pin up my ideas and inspirations for my blog. I like to use memo and cork boards in my design. They help to keep you organized and fill the walls with elements that add form and function. The coat rack was added to the design for interest and function as well. It is very practical, especially during the winter when it holds sweaters and coats. The office is right by the back door and the rack gives us another place to hang things. Staying tidy is a must with a family of five kids! Right now, it is holding a few of my favorite aprons.

The floral arrangement displays a few of the roses from my garden and the peonies from my Moms’. I just planted my own peony plants in my yard this spring and I can’t wait till they are full of blooms in a few years!


My cat loves to keep me company while I’m on my computer blogging, paying bills or reading other blogs. “Girly”, as I like to call her, is always at my side!


Thanks for visiting today and as always, have a Lovely day!