Tea and Roses

Good Day Everyone! What better way to brighten it up than with some pink roses… Pink Multi Tone Roses! I love multi tone roses! I think they are one of the prettiest variety there is. They look so full when they are open. Looks like an artist’s brush tinted these with different shades of pink and white. Makes you happy just seeing them!DSC_0184
I used the rose arrangement in a tea display. I find it fun to set up displays here and there around the home. These vignettes help to give a home a personal touch. It’s not hard to get that certain look, you just have to find items that will work together. Finding the things to use around your house can be like a scavenger hunt. Maybe it’s something hidden away that you forgot about. It might be found in your hutch, cabinet or closet. You might have never used it at all, but now you can in areas where it will get noticed. Maybe it will be a conversation piece. You can take a picture of it and put it on Pinterest or Facebook. Sometimes being creative gives you a different perspective on life. I believe that you should always~ be fun, be creative and be different!DSC_0183
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As Always, Wishing You Lovely Livings,