Kitchen Vignettes

Happy Friday! Today I am continuing with my vignette theme in the kitchen. I thought I would share the various vignettes I have throughout the room. I like to dress up the counters just a little. I feel they need … Continue reading

Wall Scaped Wallpaper

Do you ever look at your walls and wonder, ” What can be done to change this…that doesn’t require a lot of work and expense?”.

Well, here is a solution that’s worth a try:  I have a wallpapered dinning room that needed a little updating. I didn’t have the budget to take it down and redo the walls.  The labor to do so would be quit costly and time consuming.  Also, I still liked the paper, I just wanted something different!  What to do?

So, I decided to have chair railing and picture framing installed right over the existing paper.  I think the look adds more detail and interest.  The room still has its traditional charm, but with a little whimsy and unexpectedness.  It’s a contemporary twist to traditional wainscoting, and it’s quick and easy!

Dining Room

Dining Room