Splashes of Fall Above the Cabinets


Even though we are well into Autumn, I wanted to share my small splashes of Fall above my kitchen cabinets. I thought it needed a little touch of Autumn up there. I have the island, bay window and pot rack decorated. So, why not the top of the cabinets?

These two bunnies are peeking out from this leaf garland. It’s filled with acorns, berries and small pumpkins. Next to the bunny figurines are two larger sized white pumpkins. It looks like the bunnies are hiding among the Fall foliage.

Over this set of cabinets is more of the leaf garland and accessories. I have it draped in front of the platters and pitcher I placed on the cabinets some time ago. Of course, more pumpkins fill in the space nicely and adds fullness, color and texture to the display. I want my displays to have a fullness to them. I create this by layering items on top of, or next to each other. Finding the right balance is the trick to achieve the best look. Too much will make the display look busy and over done; too little will make the display look skimpy and weak.
DSC_0033 copy

I placed a pumpkin in my pitcher to give the display some fun and interest. I’m always thinking of ways to decorate that’s unexpected and out of the box. There is no decorating police that will show up at your door and take you away, because you were trying to be creative. Just go for it!

I hope you enjoyed Splashes of Fall Above the Cabinets!
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