About LuAnn

Welcome to Lovely Livings!

Hello friends, I’m LuAnn,  an Interior Designer with many years of experience in both Commercial and Residential Design.

I am a Faithful Catholic who is a stay-at-home, wife, mother and grandmother, with a wonderful husband (Carlo), five beautiful children (Jennifer and son-in-law Richard, Michael, Nicholas and daughter-in-law Daniela, Steven and Joseph), and delightful grandsons (Richard and Thomas).  Having such a large family, however, has shifted a lot of my time away from expressing my passion for design and so I have taken to sharing my designs and concepts that I use to decorate my home everyday.  This way, I can show not only my style and design work, but give creative ideas and examples of ways to update, change, or simply accent rooms and “our” very lives. Design and change is fun, and doesn’t need to be costly to “look expensive”.

Hopefully you will join me as I share ideas from my home, my life and my faith.  Feel free to ask questions, offer ideas, or share your ideas and designs!

Wishing you lovely livings!


  1. Lovely blog and posting with the roses!

  2. Doug says:

    LuAnn, you always make things look so beautiful.

    1. Thanks Doug for your lovely comment and for visiting my blog!
      Have a great week!
      LuAnn 😉

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