Dough Bowl Spring Arrangement

Today, I want to share my “Dough Bowl Spring Arrangement” with you. I’m so fond of these beautiful pastel colors. Light peach and pink colors mixed with yellows, creams and whites makes my heart sing.
I love the look of tulips and roses together and in this white washed dough bowl. The arrangement is so soft and elegant.
When I found this particular dough bowl, I thought it would work perfectly on my kitchen table. The form and function of this piece, (essential in any good design) was what inspired me to purchase it for my spring arrangement and any other future arrangements. The softness of the white washed finish makes the arrangement all the more lovely.
The tulips fall perfectly on the ends of the bowl with the roses nestled between them. Together they fill out the dough bowl nicely.
These pastel shades sing a visual tune of the loveliness of spring time. I hope you can take the time, during this time, to enjoy what this wonderful season of Spring has to offer.