Hearts and Flowers

February is about hearts and flowers and today I’m sharing the Valentine displays I created this year. Just a few hearts here and there to spread a little love around the home.
I found these small wood hearts on Etsy and knew they would be perfect for my Valentine/February displays.
The shape, color and size of the hearts add the right Valentine feeling without being over done or tacky. I wanted a softness to the vignettes and these worked flawlessly.
The letters spelling love says it all on my family room table. I purchased these last year and worked them in again this year. Their larger size makes a bold statement to the design, literally.
Little touches such as these help to create a warm and inviting environment in your home. Have a lovely February and just think, Spring is only around the corner.


  1. Susan says:

    Just so lovely. I love the candle

    1. Thank you Susan! Candles do make everything better…especially blessed ones.

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