Christmas in the Kitchen

Merry Christmas Eve! I’m sharing the Christmas design in my kitchen today. This year I’ve decided to have appropriate decor that goes along with the kitchen. These gingerbread houses are perfect items to complete this task.
The houses are an ideal size that fit into any space and help to create a lovely Christmas vignette. Tucking them in here and there around your kitchen or home is easy because of their proportions.
Bottle brush trees are so popular and are very fitting for the kitchen. They come in a lot of sizes and colors and or also perfect for making Christmas vignettes with.
I found on the internet, these pink toned bottle brush trees. They came in these cute little frosted urns. I combined them with white bottle brush trees on the window sill above my sink.
Hanging on the mirror above my sideboard is a wreath with candy cane style ornaments, much like to the ones in my living room. I wanted to create a Christmas candy look in the kitchen and along with the gingerbread houses and the striped red and white napkins on the table, I think I achieved just that.
The plaque hanging in the middle of the wreath was an ideal find for my Christmas look. It was very fitting and the shape and size were just right.
These little touches in the kitchen makes Christmas more festive and exciting, especially for little children. I spend most of my time in my kitchen and having it whimsically decorated for the holiday makes my chores easier to manage.