Fall Kitchen Decor

Now that we are in the full swing of Fall, I would like to share some Fall design ideas and my Fall Kitchen Decor with you. I love using these little white pumpkins in my decor. I find all kinds of places to display them. They are so easy to use, just place them anywhere you might need a touch of Fall.

You can create all kinds of fun Fall displays with these little cuties, not only in the kitchen, but all around the home.
I nestled this little white pumpkin between two ivory white velvet pumpkins. I added some dried eucalyptus and created a simple and sweet arrangement.
These two pitchers are perfect to display more ivory white pumpkins. I have them sitting on top of more dried eucalyptus. The eucalyptus fills out the design and instead of looking like pumpkins placed on a pitcher, the eucalyptus helps to make the display look more full and interesting.
I am so thankful for my sunny kitchen bay windowsill. It’s fun to make various displays in this space and my choice of white Fall design elements this year, add to the brightness.