Floral Wall Art

Today, I would like to share the floral wall art I have hanging in my kitchen.

I hung this framed chalkboard on the side of my kitchen cabinet. The space needed something to fill the emptiness and this piece was just right. Do you ever find yourself examining a space and thinking, “what is this spot missing”? Well, I’ve done this many times with this particular spot and finally found the perfect item. I liked its decorative frame and the antique white finish it had. I especially liked the chalkboard and magnetic feature. I could write special menus on it, stick items to it or hang items from it as you see here.

I wanted to hang a basket or something within the frame and place florals in it. Finding a basket or something that would work in the size of this frame was a small task, but I finally found one that was flat on one side and I filled it with various soft toned roses, eucalyptus and greens. I attached the basket with a burlap ribbon to the back of the frame and voila! Floral wall art.

I’ve been leaving the basket lately and just change the florals to correspond with the season or holiday. Why change things when they are a perfect fit, at least for now.