Fall Kitchen Table

It’s easy to add small touches here and there around your home to make it feel cozy. I find the season of Fall makes this reality exceptionally effortless. Decorating with small pumpkins for example, help to fill those empty spaces in your home, even on your kitchen table.

Sometimes the kitchen table gets ignored. It’s nice to have a seasonal display that welcomes your family and guests to your table. Sharing an intimate meal with those you love and enjoy is more special with a table vignette beautifully put together. It needs not to be showy or fancy, a few elements from around your home can be chosen, along with some pretty linens and flowers.

I stayed with a neutral theme with the design on my table. The use of various shades of white blend nicely with the green tones of the flowers and linens. The slight touch of pink adds a pretty softness to the design. I placed the items in the display around each other according to their height and size for balance. Balance in any design is important for the look to be cohesive.

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. It’s a cozy time of the year that reminds us to be thankful for all that God provides us, especially the beauty of this season. “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”, by Albert Camus.


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