A Soft Pink & White Table

With just a few days left of Spring, I want to share my spring table-scape. All the craziness going on in the world can get us down and anxious and I thought sharing something that can bring some prettiness and peace to your life, would help. What better way to express this than with the use of soft pinks and whites.
I like to fold my napkins to resemble the occasion I’m celebrating. I folded these pink napkins to replicate roses and placed them in bowls along with soft sprigs of white blossoms.
I filled an urn I used to use on my front porch with these beautiful pink and white peonies. The size of the peonies worked perfectly in the urn and filled out the vessel beautifully. The Peony arrangement placed in the center of the table gives the table-scape a dramatic appearance.
A few candle sticks flock the Peony arrangement and as always, gives the table a wonderful glow.
Wicker charger plates are the perfect choice for a spring or summer table-scape. They give a light and airy feeling to the table. The wicker brings me back to picnic baskets filled with yummy sandwiches and sides at the beach or park with my loved ones. I think that feeling is captured here in a more elegant way with my table design.
This particular table-scape can also be used for summer, especially that Peonies don’t bloom here in Connecticut until late spring or early summer. This year, my peony blooms just started to open. In times of dismay and sorrow, uncertainty and unease, beautiful blossoming flowers with their lovely fragrances make the world a little more tolerable. God’s infinite love for us gives us these little things in our life, to lift us up and give us hope. We just need to recognize them.