Lovely Livings Christmas Tree

Christmas is a wonderful holiday (holy-day) of the year. Decorating your home during this time is such a special treat. There are so many choices to pick from and so many colors and designs, you can get lost in deciding what to choose, though I think most of us know what style and color we like to use for Christmas. I personally like to change it up from year to year. I don’t select the traditional red and green for my decor, but rather I like a softer pallet of color to play with.
I decorated my tree this year with pretty florals of dusty rose, cream and white tones. I wanted a soft, pretty and elegant tree, with a cozy warm feel.
The garland I used this year is a frosted net wire ribbon in a soft ivory color. The neutral color subdues the tree and helps create its elegant appearance.
This “Balsam Hill” flocked tree is so pretty just by itself. I like the magical feeling you get from these trees, though they can be a bit messy to put up.
To finish the look, I used a faux white fur tree skirt to add to the softness. I think I was able to achieve the winter look I wanted for my Christmas tree this year. I feel you should do your best to decorate for your family and friends for Christmas, but especially for the the Son-of-God, who’s day we are really celebrating.


  1. Such an amazing Christmas Tree, so elegant!
    Thank you for sharing on #ohmyheartsiegirls Wonderful Wednesday!!
    Wishing you the Blessings for you and your family!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Love everything thank you for sharing. Where did you find your gorgeous flowers?
    Christmas Blessings to you

    1. Hi Candy! Thank you for your lovely comment! I found the flowers on Amazon. The company is called Ling’s moment artificial flowers. They are very real looking!
      Happy Christmastide and New Year!
      Many blessings to you too!

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