Lovely Livings-Living Room Christmas Decor

Today, I would like to share my Christmas living room. I’m all about bright spaces that are soft and cozy and I try to find items to decorate with that express just that. I’ve had this Christmas tree wall art piece for a few years now and decided to use it for my living room Christmas mantel. I decorated the corners to match my Christmas tree with the same roses and florals and added preserved eucalyptus to make the arrangement prettier and fuller. I like how the roses and greenery soften this art piece made of wood and metal.
I strung star mini string lights on the tree. These string lights have a very convenient timer built-in. No worrying about turning them on and off. Timers are the best thing to use, especially for Christmas decor.
On my coffee table, I created a Christmas centerpiece by decorating a large white tray with more of the same florals to keep my Christmas living room consistent.
A large candle sits in the middle of this tray with soft pastel color ornaments placed around it. The ornaments match the tones of the roses and fill the empty space nicely, giving the tray design a soft Christmas appearance.
I like to keep the design elements I use in a room the same, so that the style stays consistent and the room has a well put-together look. I’m always trying to find different ways to use items that are around the house. It’s fun being creative. Don’t be afraid to try different things with what you already have, especially when it comes to Christmas decorating. Just make sure that whatever you do has a uniform look.